Top 10 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

updated: 10/21/2019

Many men and women are on the fence about laser hair removal due to several common misconceptions. So, it’s time to clear the air. This safe and clinically tested procedure is actually much less painful than waxing or getting a tattoo. You can achieve permanent hair removal because the laser is designed to destroy hair follicles. When performed by a licensed professional, laser hair removal is an effective, long-term solution for removing unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair removal is a clinically tested and FDA approved treatment. Although this procedure is safe, people tend to have a lot of concerns when contemplating whether or not to do it. Read on to find out some common misconceptions about this form of hair removal.

"Laser Hair Removal Is Not Safe"

People who undergo laser hair removal find that it is safe and well-tolerated. There does not appear to be any long-term health risks associated with this procedure. However, some people may experience minor side effects such as itchiness and redness. Before undergoing laser hair removal, you should try getting a patch of your skin tested by an esthetician or technician to see how your body reacts to the treatment.

"Laser Hair Removal is painful"

If treated by a certified specialist such as a licensed laser technician or esthetician, clients should experience little to no discomfort. Truthfully, the removal process is much less painful than getting a tattoo or waxing. The amount of pain a person does feel depends on the area that is being treated, as well as their pain tolerance. But overall, laser hair removal feels like a light slap on the wrist with a rubber band.

"It’s Not Permanent"

To many people’s surprise, permanent hair removal is achievable on most areas of the bodies. Permanent removal is possible because laser hair removal targets the hair follicles of actively growing hair and these follicles don’t regenerate on most parts of the body. However, it can take six sessions or more in order to eliminate all of the hair follicles while they’re in the growing stage. If the hair isn’t in the growing stage or is not completely destroyed, the hair will continue to grow.

"Hair Removal Does Not Work On Dark Skin"

Today, laser hair removal can be done on all skin types. It is true that it is much easier to locate dark hair on light skin due to the sharp contrast but it is still possible to target hairs on different skin and hair combinations. However, people with darker skin tones are more prone to burns and hyperpigmentation. Be sure that the specialist performing the procedure has experience treating darker skin tones. You should also ask about what type of laser will be used because there are specific lasers suited for darker skin tones.

"It’s Effective On Gray, White, Blond, And Red Hair"

Although laser hair removal has come a long way since it began, it currently does not work well on gray, white, blond, or red hair. The pigment is much too light to be properly located by modern technology. Unfortunately, lasers that can effectively target light hair have not yet been developed.

"Laser Hair Removal Is Only For Women"

On the contrary, more men are seeking laser hair removal as a way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Men primarily receive treatment on their face, neck, and back but they are also doing full body, legs, and chest treatments to have a cleaner look. Some men turn to laser hair removal to help sculpt their beards and sideburns. Additionally, this procedure eliminates issues such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, making it an attractive option to those who are tired of shaving.

"Laser Hair Removal Is Too Expensive"

Laser hair removal does require a more substantial upfront investment, but its long-term results prove to be worth it. This procedure can help save money over the course of a lifetime. Comparing the usual costs of buying razors, blades, and cream to laser hair removal, laser hair removal provides a more cost-effective method that is also more thorough and long-term. Your treatment provider will be able to offer a personalized experience based on real, effective, and achievable results.

"You Can’t Shave And Have To Grow Out Hair In Between Treatments"

Laser hair removal procedures target the root of the hair rather than the surface of the hair. This means you can shave in between treatments and not worry about growing any unsightly hair. Definitely avoid waxing or plucking before or between treatments as they also target the root and will get in the way of your laser hair removal process.

"Laser Hair Removal Requires Frequent Visits And Treatments"

Hair removal treatments are separated by a window of four to twelve weeks. Depending on the treatment area and an individual’s growth cycle, this procedure makes long-term hair removal a much less tedious and time consuming task. Additionally, if you prepare properly and avoid any actions that impede the benefits of laser hair removal, the treatments should take less time. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure if you want to get rid of unwanted hair. There are many common misconceptions about the treatment. That’s why you should research and get informed so that you can make a decision about whether or not laser hair removal is right for you. And remember, it is important that your procedure is done by a trusted and licensed professional.

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