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With so many options for hair removal, laser treatment is one of the most popular and effective available. If you have become tired of hair that makes it difficult to wear the dresses you want, laser hair removal is a permanent solution that can provide effective results all over the body.

What does laser treatment do?

Laser hair removal treatment is a procedure in which a laser emits a light that destroys hair follicles. It is a great way to remove those pesky hairs that keep popping up in unwanted places. Multiple treatments may be required in order for the follicles to be destroyed completely. There are a variety of lasers available, each suited best for specific types of complexions.

How does it do it?

We use Certified Candela Laser technology for all of our hair removal treatment. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical means of laser which does not affect the skin itself. Rather, these lasers pass through the skin and rupture the hair follicle, limiting its growth. Laser treatment is effective in removing around 80-90% of the unwanted hair. The remaining hairs will grow back thin and be nearly invisible to the human eye.

Any risks?

Some women may experience redness and soreness where the hair was removed but these effects are not long-term and will wear off after some time. It should be noted that if you have tan regularly or had tanning done recently then laser hair removal treatment is not a good match for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered a few of our most commonly asked questions about laser hair removal services in New York. If I can help with anything regarding our esthetician services, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

~Adriana Zimova, Founder

We use Candela laser machines, we believe they are the best out there. They are FDA approved Medical Laser using one wavelength only specifically targeting hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. ( just FYI there is another technology out there it is called INTENSE PULSE LIGHT= IPL it is not a laser it is a LIGHT BASED DEVICE and produces broad spectrum of wavelenghts and its not safe for darker skin types & may be quite painful ) Candela laser has a cooling system and makes treatment less uncomfortable or less painful ( i would not use the word painful because honestly laser is not painful it is maybe a bit uncomfortable but nothing close to waxing ) One treatment may take less than 10min or it can take for 1 hour depending on which part of the body are we treating. Example: full face 10min, upper lip 3min, underarms 10min, bikini line 10-15min, lower legs 20-30min, full legs 30-40min, full body 60-80min.
Laser hair removal is less painful then waxing and way quicker. it also depends on the area of the body you are doing some areas are more sensitive than the others but big role plays the density of your hair and texture of your hair.  
it may take 6-12 treatments to permanently reduce 70%-90% of unwanted hair. The number of treatment is different depending on the area of your body, texture of your hair and hair growth cycle.
there are absolutely no risk or side effects if the treatments are done by professionals using correct settings and the right machine. We offer free consultation and free patch test at bare&pure, it is important to know how will it feel on your skin and we want to make sure your experience is pleasent. The treatments are safe and we use only medical state of art laser by CANDELA for all skin types. Additionaly we are highly experience. However some products and antibiotics must be discontinue two weeks before you start laser hair removal or if you are on acne medication ( example acutane ) must be discontinue 6 months prior laser treatments. After laser treatment you may feel a bit tingling sensation and have slight redness, some clients do experience a bit itchy skin for a few minutes. Also client with hormonal imbalance might have a different results.
Laser hair removal works best for dark and coarse hair. If you are struggling with those and you would love to get rid off these unwanted hair with laser you are the winner. It does not work on blond, red or grey color hair. It may take 6-12 treatment to achieve smooth, healthy and hair free skin. Once you achieve your result you are done and you just might need touch up once or twice a year.
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