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Professional ultrasonic and microcurrent facials New York, NY.

What is an ultrasonic facial?

Ultrasonic facial exfoliation utilizes patented micro current capabilities by creating high speed oscillation of the flat peeling probe which expedites the removal of the stratum corneum leaving skin smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application.

It easily exfoliates dead skin cells for clear and radiant skin without the redness and irritation, loosens and removes oil, dirt and sebum from the pores and follicles, resulting in less blackheads ad breakouts, gently stimulates skin to encourage collagen and elastin production, stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

What is a microcurrent facial?

Microcurrent is a facial toning system using a high-tech microcurrent to provide a mild pulsating current into the skin and muscles. Directed in specific patterns and frequencies the microcurrent will exercise and strengthen the facial muscles. The lifting and strengthening action of the microcurrent builds tone throughout the cumulative effect of the treatment. Repeated sessions will provide the facial muscles the ability to hold their tone. It will provide a firmer, lifted and overall smoother appearance of the skin. This facial is completely safe and will bring results almost immediately.

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Ultrasonic Facial $ 125
Microcurrent Facial $ 200
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Our goal is to help relax your mind, receive optimal treatment in a soothing environment and rejuvenate your spirit and body to bring out your natural beauty.

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