Here is what you need to know about laser hair removal.

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A lot of you think laser hair removal is permanent, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact, I will tell you to think of laser hair removal as “permanent hair reduction”. Generally, after six to eight hair removal treatments, you can expect 70-90 percent hair reduction and some of you, will need touch-ups two to four times a year. If you opt for laser hair removal, you can expect to see 10 to 20 percent less hair after each laser treatment. And if you are struggling with razor bumps or ingrowns you are going to love me, and your life is changed for simple and quick showers, no more razors, no more painful waxing appointments, no more limits, just peace of mind and a more confident you.
During treatment, the laser works to damage hair follicles under the skin’s surface, which in turn, stunts future growth. The laser picks up on the pigment of the hair so if you have red, gray, or blond hair you will not have the same results as having dark hair. This (dark hair) is the ideal candidate for laser hair removal, someone with hair pigment. The darker the hair the better results you will have.
Laser may sound scary for a lot you but NO WORRIES, it is SAFE. And if you’re already used to waxing, laser hair removal will most likely be a piece of cake. However, it also depends on the laser equipment from your service provider. My recommendation is CANDELA GentleYAG for darker skin types and GentleLASE for lighter skin types. These are FDA-approved lasers from the world’s foremost experts and leaders in medical technology.


+ Laser hair removal can be done on all parts on the body, EXCEPT the area under the eyebrow.
+ The area to be treated should be shaved the day or two before your treatment.
+ No tanning, No self-tanner, No tanning beds 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
+ No plucking, no waxing, no depilatory, no electrolysis in the areas you are going to treat 2 weeks prior. Shaving is ok.
+ No Accutane 6 months prior to treatment.


+ Some redness around the treated area and may feel similar to a sunburn. This usually last for a few minutes up to few hours after treatment.
+ No exercise, No saunas, No hot tubs, No hot showers for a minimum 12 hours.
+ No Suntan, No tanning beds.
+ No Plucking, No waxing, No depilatory, No electrolysis in between treatments. If needed shaving is acceptable.
if treating face apply GRAND CENTRAL BEAUTY SERUM daily ( moisturizes, anti-aging, redness reducer and tones ) and sunscreen daily at least SPF 30 UVA/UVB.